Self-cleaning glass

SELF-CLEANING GLASS is made by applying a photocatalytic nanometer layer on the glass surface by online CVD (chemical vapor deposition) technology, which has two types: high transmittance and solar shielding. The layer may keep the glass clean by using the ultraviolet rays and flushing of rain water.

Photocatalytic principle: the pyrolitic multi-layer self-cleaning glass made by online CVD process, electron-hole pairs will be created when the film are activated by ultraviolet rays with wavelength less than 385nm. The oxidation-reduction reaction will happen on the surface of the film and dirt & organic substance will be decomposed before the re-combination of electron-hole pairs.

Normally, the natural rain water may keep the self-cleaning glass clean. Tap water may be used in drought.

performances and advantages

→ Self-cleaning function: By using the solar energy and flushing of rain water, the glass get clean automatically and cleaning costs are saved.

→ Anti-bacteria function: The active O2 - and OH has anti-bacteria function after activated by ultraviolet rays.

→ Everlasting properties: The nanometer layer of self-cleaning glass is durable and its shelf life is the same as regular glass.


→ Building curtain walls, skylights, overpass roofs, protection hood for solar cells.

→ Circumtance need to kill bacteris such as hospital and food industry.

→ Automobile side window and rear view mirrors.

→ Better energy saving may be achieved by using together with LOW-E Series Glass.


Maximum Dimesion: 3048 x 5000mm
Regular Dimension: 2000 x 1500mm 3300 x 2134mm
2100 x 1650mm 3048 x 2440mm
2200 x 1650mm 3048 x 2134mm
3300 x 2440mm
Thickness: 5, 6, 8, 10mm

glass properties

**Multi range of color provided.**