double glazing glass

DOUBLE GLAZING GLASS is made up of 2 or more pieces of glass with hollow aluminium tube inserted inside; the hollow aluminium pipes are filled with desiccant and drying gases, or inert gases and the tube are undergone air-proof processing with butyl, assembly-sulfur or structural silicon.

performance and advantages

→ Good heat insulation performance so as to keep the room comfort.

→ Reduce the bad phenomenon resulted from the temperature difference between the inside and outside.

→ Insert with decoration item for decoration use.

→ Low energy consumption - especially when Low-E and Solar-E glass are used for insulating.

→ Comfortable indoor environment.

→ Dew condensation prevention and noise insulation.

→ The heat and sound insulating effects could be further improved if argon or other inertia gases are filled between the glasses.


→ Office building, hospitals, hotels need with exceptionally high heating or cooling.

→ Building need the temperature and humidity strictly controlled such as telephone exchanges, laboratories.

→ Airport control towers, trains windows, and other environments where need regulated atmosphere and prevention of condensation.


Maximum Dimesion: 2440 x 5000mm
Minimum Dimension: 100 x 100mm
Thickness: 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm

**Multi range of color provided.**