laminated glass

LAMINATED GLASS is manufactured by completely sealing, under heat and pressure, one or more inter-layers of transparent tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film between two or more sheets of glass. By using different PVB films, colors, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, electromagnetic waves prevention and fire-proof effect could be achieved.

performances and advantages

→ Safety.

→ If broken, glass fragments just stick to the PVB instead of falling down.

→ Discoloration prevention.


→ Skylight, canopy, showcase, automobile or ship, show windows and places with special requirements for bullet-proof or violence prevention.

→ Sioped & overthead glass including skylights.

→ Zoos & aquariums.

→ Suitable where safety glazing is required.


Maximum Dimesion: 10000 x 2500mm
Minimum Dimension: 200 x 200mm
Thickness: 4~100mm


☛ ASTM C1172

☛ BS6206

☛ GB9962

**Multi range of color provided.**