low-e coated glass

LOW-E COATED GLASS is pyrolitic multi-layer coating glass with high reflectance to infrared and able to keep the solar radiation and heat radiation from passing through the glass. It prevents the heat from going inside in the Summer and keeps the inside heat from going out in the WInter so that makes the room more comfortable. It is the first choice for energy efficient glass.

performances and advantages

→ Everlasting energy efficient.

→ High visible transmittance. The Low-E Coated Glass has neutral color high transmittance of visible light with wavelength of 380-780nm.

→ Execellent processing properties. It has stable thermal properties and can be processed, e.g. tempered, bent, laminated.

→ Can be stored in the same way as regular glass.

→ Single pane using. The coating is durable and can be used together with self-cleaning glass. It can also be used as single pane so that the cost can be easily controlled.


→ No.1Choice for windows & doors and curtain walls in cold climate.

→ Also No.1 Choice for hot climate and curtain walls with high win-wall ratio.

→ Can be used in electronic appliance as well as cars and trains.


Maximum Dimesion: 3048 x 5000mm
Regular Dimension: 100 x 100mm
2100 x 1650mm 3048 x 2440mm
2200 x 1650mm 3048 x 2134mm
3300 x 2440mm
Thickness: 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12mm

glass properties

advantages of online cvd coating technology in low-e glass

LOW-E GLASS is classified as online CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and offline MSVD (magnetic sputtering vacuum deposition) ones subject to its technology.

Metal silver coating applied on the glass performs the function in offline MSVD Low-E glass. Several media coatings also need to be applied under and above the silver coating for transition and protection. Coating bind to each other in physical way. This "soft coating" product has limitatin as following: coating is easy to be starched or damaged, coating will degrade when contact with air because silver is easy to be oxidized, shelf lift is limited, coated glass need to be insulated in quiet a short time, typically tempered need to be done before coating, etc.

Online Low-E glass adopted world leading CVD technology, semi-conductive metal oxides coating applied to glass surface while temperature is around 700° C in the float glass production. Coating combines with glass by chemical bonds so it has chemical and heat durability. This "hard coating" has following properties: can be used as single pane, coating is hard and durable, everlasting energy efficient, no coating need to be removed in the fabrication of insulated glass, can be bent, tempered, stored as regular glass, etc.

**Multi range of color provided.**