low-e tempered glass

LOW-E TEMPERED GLASS is known as Low Emissivity Coated Glass. Coating layer is to select among various rays, so the Low-E glass is a kind of environment protection glass. The Low-E glass is with high permeation percentage, which is similar to that of the annealed glass, and it almost has no negative affects on the lightening and reduces the electricity expenses as well.
Low-E glass is featured as its high reflection and low absorption of infared heat, therefore, IG glass made up of the Low-E glass is with good performance in heat insulation and protection. In the area at high latitude, the adoption of Low-E glass will do something good to save the energy; while in the area at low latitude, the Low-E glass will illustrate its good performance in heat insulation.

performance and advantages

→ Heat insulation and protection.

→ High efficiency and Low Energy Consumption.

→ Can be tempered, heat bended and other kinds of processe.

→ Can be used in insulated glass.


→ Processing Tempered glass, IG Glass; every business and civilian used architectures.

→ Can be used as doors and windows of building, refrigerators, super cars and ship etc.


Maximum Dimesion: 2440 x 3660mm
Minimum Dimension: 310 x 920mm
Thickness: 4~12mm

**Multi range of color provided.**