tempered glass

TEMPERED GLASS also known as Toughened Glass, is made by quickly cooling the annealed glass when it is heated near to its softening point. After tempering, uniform compression is formed over the glass surface while tensile formed inside the glass plate.

performances and advantages

→ High strength.

→ Tempered glass has 3~5 times the bending and impact strength of ordinary annealed glass of the same thickness.

→ Thermal impact resistance.

→ It has more resistance to rapid changes in temperature compared to annealed glass.

→ Safety.

→ If broken, our tempered glass shatters into fine, blunt and harmless pieces.


→ Places where safety glass is required to used by laws and regulations.

→ Windows or other area in a building.

→ Glass balustrade and escalator side panels.

→ Interior decorations and furniture.


Maximum Dimesion: 5100 x 2440mm
Minimum Dimension: 250 x 100mm
Thickness: 3~25mm


☛ ASTM C1048

☛ BS6206

☛ ANSI Z97-1

☛ GB9963

**Multi range of color provided.**